Student Visa

Studying in one of the top foreign colleges/universities ensures a secure future for applicants. Candidates applying may think of this as a tiresome task that is not only time consuming but complicated as well. Rudraksh Group Overseas Solutions fixes that by facilitating the Visa Filling service with consistent assistance by trained immigration consultants. Moreover, the immigration group has tie-ups with some of the best colleges and universities abroad, listed under both government and private groups, which give you a better chance at getting through. This adds up the prospects for students of fixing a direct appointment with officials from the applied institutions.

Business Visa

Businesses have no boundaries and can extend across states and countries. Giving opportunity to such businesspersons, Rudraksh Group features the Business Visa service that has helped a fairly large number of people to establish businesses across the globe and contribute to the economy. Innovation through immigration came into being with the concept of Investor/business Visa. Many people choose to join businesses in other countries while others plan to start their own for commercial engagements. All countries have a respective set of procedures that they follow, for giving people a business Visa. Rudraksh Group steps in and facilitates the procedure for applicants.

Tourist Visa

Rudraksh Group offers tourist Visa to those who wish to explore the beauty and culture of a foreign land for recreational purposes. The tourist Visa prohibits you from using it for purposes other than travel, leisure, or meeting a friend/relative in the visiting country. Generally a tourist Visa may be issued for a duration of 3-6 months with single/multiple entries, a sole discretion of which is held by the issuing authority. The Visa cannot be extended or converted and is non-refundable irrespective of your duration of stay.

Permanent Residency

Permanent residency Visa is provided to people to reside in a foreign country of which they are not the residents. The Visa allots a person with such status, the right to reside in a country on permanent basis despite not having its citizenship. The applicants of Permanent Residency are provided a majority of social benefits of the respective country like living, working, and/or acquiring education. On the other hand, the PR Visa confines the applicant who becomes a resident, from the right to vote or run for political office or apply for a job that requires high standard of security clearance.

IELTS Coaching

Settling abroad for advanced education or future prospects, in the business sector requires one to clear off a mandatory English language test, IELTS (International English Language Testing System). Rudraksh Group Mohali ascertains that the applicants successfully clear the test by providing them expert coaching for IELTS. The test assesses an applicant’s proficiency in the English language under four set of skills: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. English, being a universally exercised language, should be known and understood by the applying candidate. It is mandatory, according to the immigration policies to be good at English language; whether applying for student, tourist, or business Visa.

Pre-departure Guidance

Students who have applied to universities/colleges abroad are assisted throughout the procedure as part of the pre-departure policy of Rudraksh Group Mohali. The consultants ensure that students have received their Visa and are ready to move with all the required documents. The procedure includes aspects of the travel along with the stay thereafter for the study period. Pre-departure assistance is an immigration procedure wherein the student is detailed upon the things they must be in possession of, before leaving for higher studies into a foreign country. All the students possessing a student Visa are provided with a pre-departure kit before they start their travel.

Forex Assistance

Trading of currencies is a part of the immigration procedure before settling or moving into a different country. The foreign exchange market that is a decentralized global market does the job for you which deal with trading of currencies. Rudraksh Group acts as a mediator in the process by offering Forex assistance to Visa applicants making the procedure for larger amounts, lesser complicated. Large scale international banks are the major participants in this market. Meanwhile, the financial centers from different countries act as the anchor that trades between a large number of buyers and sellers constantly, with weekends being an exception.