CEO Rudraksh Group-‘Canada The New Preferred Location For Indians

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    CEO Rudraksh Group-‘Canada The New Preferred Location For Indians

    Canada Opens The Door To Syrian Refugees- Rudraksh Group

    Canada has proven when one door shuts, another opens by keeping its doors open to Syrian refugees and skilled immigrants from the world over, while Trump plans to shut them. In no time soon, American President, Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order shutting out immigrants from the US. The order will forbid immigrants from entering the US borders for the next four months and the Syrian refugees for an indefinite period of time.

    Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau made Canada the new ‘preferred location’ for Indian immigrants and Syrian refugees with one heartwarming tweet, welcoming one and all into the nation. Here, Rudraksh group comes into picture with its team of experts for all your immigration concerns. John McCallum, the Immigration Minister calls the move as “special circumstances” of Syrian refugee crisis offering a place in Canada to refugees fled from Syria.

    The temporary ban on immigration ordered by President Donald Trump restricts travel for people from a total of seven countries, i.e. Iran, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia along with suspension of US refugee program. The travel ban led to revoking around 60,000 visas at once. The federal judge has suggested for an immediate lift of orders across US. However, the Trump administration seems adamant about the decision and plans to repeal.

    Innovation Through Immigration

    The Canadian administration seems to truly understand the implementation of ‘innovation through immigration’ policy by allowing entry to a mass of skilled migrants. The nation opens entry to more than 300,000 skilled people regardless of whether they are immigrants or refugees. As compared to the previous target of admitting 260,000 people from 2011 to 2015, Canada is all set to admit more than 300,000 immigrants as per the ‘special circumstances’ of Syrian refugee crisis. This is a good news for Indians, as Rudraksh group has the expertise in Canada immigration procedures.

    The United States of America stands as the only superpower till date. However, that could soon be changed with Trump’s decision on shutting down America to immigrants and refugees. The decision will largely impact the skilled immigration, leading to a dip in the innovative growth of America and economic growth too, as a result.

    Rudraksh Group Answers Why Canada Is Seen As The New Preferred Location

    A bigger reason for Canada becoming the new preferred location for Indian immigrants is that, a majority of Canadian population is aging, which equals to a reduced ratio of workers contributing to the nation’s economic growth. With the immigration plan, Canada will be taking in about 75,000 as principal economic applicants while the rest will be their family members.

    CEO of Rudraksh Group Mohali, an immigration firm, states Canada the new preferred location for Indians after a long association with US since many years. Considering the temporary ban ordered by Trump administration, to keep out refugees will also affect the percentage of skilled immigration which will resultantly shift to Canada improving its economic growth.

    Rudraksh Group has been constantly involved in the immigration of migrants to both US and Canada for over 16 years. Canada has constantly been the second most favorite destination for education abroad after US. However, the travel ban has changed the ratio overall. Trump’s decision on banning travel could have proven ruinous for the business. However, the Canadian administration welcoming immigrants at the same time, balances the ratio.

    The immigration firm, Rudraksh Group has already started receiving a majority of applications in favor of immigration to Canada for study, work, and permanent residency as a result of the travel ban in the US.

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